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Here's what you will find inside the FBA

The Program

The Freedom Business Accelerator is designed to help writers become independent by turning their knowledge into a proper online business.

Detailed weekly action plans remove the complexity of building your audience and launching your first (digital) product or service.

FBA students benefit from a Private Inner Circle Mastermind where they can network and get all their questions answered and from bi-weekly group coaching sessions.

Instructor #1: Sinem Günel

Sinem is a digital entrepreneur, coach, and one of Medium's top writers with over 55k followers.

Her articles were read by millions of readers and featured in major publications like Business Insider and Thrive Global. She helped more students turn their writing into an online business than anyone else.

She's not only an expert in content marketing but also excels at topics like copywriting, email marketing, and launching.

Instructor #2: Philip Hofmacher

Philip has 10 years of experience in the online business world and has sold his courses and programs to thousands of students from all over the world.

He loves community building and is an expert in strategic business planning, lead generation, and funnel hacking.

He's always curious about discovering and developing new methods to improve his + his students' digital businesses.


The FBA Framework is designed to help you eliminate the guesswork, so you can build and scale your online business with a step-by-step action plan.

By following this framework, you'll be able to build and launch offers that people can't wait to purchase because you'll learn exactly how to create products your audience will love to buy.

The entire process works no matter if you want to publish an ebook, a course, group mentoring, high-priced 1-on-1 coaching - or even all of them at the same time. 

And the best part is that you'll learn how to do this with a limited amount of software and with zero dollars spent on ads.

Voices from FBA Students

"I recommend the FBA to everyone with an overwhelming desire to succeed in their chosen business. Sinem and Philip exceeded my expectations with their wealth of knowledge and professional and practical approach."

Karen Madej

"Working with Sinem and Philip feels like family. They are super kind, helpful, and easy to talk to. I never had an unanswered question as they share all their insights about the business behind writing online."

Michael Rauscher

"FBA not only gave me a clear step-wise path to creating a business but also gave me the confidence that I could do it. I was a novice at how online businesses work and not a technical person. But here, I learned how to build, grow and manage things."

Ruchi Thalwal

What's Included in tHE FBA
  • The Entire FBA Framework Online Course To Follow A Proven System
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions To Take Action
  • 7-Day Sweet Spot Challenge To Find Your Niche
  • Expert Interview Series To Learn From The Best
  • Monetize Your Audience Live Training To Generate $$$ Quickly
  • Expert Business Blueprints To Simplify Your Process
  • FBA Elite Inner Circle Community To Get All Your Questions Answered
Feedback From FBA Students

"FBA reignited my drive and desire to get back into growing my business. The program is clearly structured and laid out in a way that even my impatient shiny object self always had something concrete to work on!"

Ntathu Allen

"I've done many courses to help me improve my online coaching business. They have never fully delivered. The FBA filled all of the gaps and actually delivered a system I can follow. It's all very organised and logical with clear easy to follow instructions."

Caryn Leach-Smith

"FBA was the best course I've ever taken. Reading, hearing, and learning from Sinem & Philip, I realized how important it is to have a mentor. Every lesson was valuable and I made way more then I spent." 

Victoria Kurichenko


154 Videos With 38 Hours of Content
7 Chapters with 26 Modules
52 Digital Worksheets
Bi-Weekly Coaching
3 Expert Interviews
2 Instructors

1 Goal: Helping Writers Launch Their Online Business, So They Can Be 100% Independent & Free.

MORE Voices about the FBA

"I'm really grateful for the FBA course because it not only showed me that it is possible to have a successful online business, but also gave me the road map to it."

Diana Sawyer

"I signed up to the FBA, keen to refresh and gain new knowledge about launching and running an online business. What I didn’t expect was the impact it would have on me. If I had my time over, would I still join the FBA? Absolutely. In a heartbeat!"

Lionel de Nobrega

"Sinem and Philip don't hold back. They give everything. They are not those types of "gurus" who give just enough to then make you buy their next program. Everything you need is in the FBA, and Philip and Sinem bend over backwards to make sure you get questions answered. They do their best to remove every obstacle to your success. They're also super honest and not afraid to help you address your blind spots or limitations, which is priceless."

Deborah Steinle

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